3 Ways You Can Stay in Touch With Veterinary Clients


Mailing label stickers

Did you know that the vet care industry is worth almost $15 billion? This is no small sum. In spite of that, this doesn?t mean that getting new patients is as easy as opening the door. Instead, clients need to be carefully cultivated and cared for so that when it comes time for the routine checkup — or something of a more serious nature — you will be the vet they trust with their pets.

How can you continue to grow your veterinary practice? Here are a few important marketing tips to keep in mind.

Reminder Postcards and Blank Mailing Labels

It?s easy to see reminder slips as an expensive cost — especially when some owners are going to ignore them anyway. Reminder slips are an incredibly important way, though, to remind pet owners that it?s time to come in with their pet.

This is especially important considering that the average pet owner is fairly busy and could easily forget that it?s been a year since their last visit. In most cases, you?ll want to send out reminders 30 days ahead of time so that clients have time to call in for an appointment. Invest in blank mailing labels you can customize.

If you don?t want to send veterinary appointment cards, at least make sure you know their phone number and email and can let them know that way!

Personalized Sympathy Cards

Unfortunately, many of your pet patients will pass away at some point during the duration of their care. Cats and dogs, on average, live less than 20 years. For this reason, it?s a good idea to have cards on hand that you can send to owners when you hear of their loss. This will not only help them adjust — but it will also be something they don?t forget, if they get a new pet in the future.

Veterinary Prescription Bags

People really love their pets, spending billions of dollars on them every year (collectively) and often treating them as a member of the family. How many households have you seen with a christmas stocking for a cat or dog? What this means is that families are willing to opt for medication and various prescriptions for their pets if it means they?ll live longer, healthier lives. Prescription bag for pet owners can help them keep pills in a safe place where they?re unlikely to get mixed up with anything else, and can also serve as a visible marketing tool for your business in the process.

Whether it’s sympathy cards, prescription bags, or blank mailing labels, there’s a number of ways you can stay in communication with your clients — and make sure that your vet business does well! Read more here. See more.

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