A Guide To Shade Installations So Pets Cannot Reach Them


Cordless cellular shades are ideal for creating unique security and enhancing energy efficiency in your house. Therefore, they are eco-friendly and will help you tone down those high electricity bills you had to pay before installing them. Besides, cordless cellular shade installations are easy. You do have to bring on board an expert in this shade installation.

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You can do it yourself. Shade installations have a systematic process that you ought to follow. But first, there are various specific tools and materials you will need. They include cordless cellular shade, shade package contents, measuring tape, pencil, standard level, drill, and inch drill bit.

The first step is to take accurate measurements to ensure you perfectly install the shades into their rightful space. You can then install the mounting brackets. These are the ones that will be responsible for holding the cellular shades into position at all times. Ensure you secure all the brackets on top of the window opening. You can then install the shade alongside the handle. Therefore, it is a process that you can seamlessly do with a manual. You just have to follow the steps to the latter. When you find any issues during the installation process, care to seek help from an expert. It does help to avoid committing some costly mistakes. You can use the instructions discussed in this video to undertake the cellular shade installation process yourself.


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