Dogs Are People, Too Sort Of


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If you have ever heard yourself say, “I think my dog is depressed,” there is a very real chance that you are right. But, what makes you say that? What makes you question your dog’s mental health? Is it his overall mood? Is it her consistent lethargy and lack of interest in being on her own that troubles you? Well, before you consider giving your loved one an ill-advised dose of Prozac, you might want to give a dog dating site a try.

Ok, right now you might be thinking, “Hey, look. I have friends who have been on Internet dating sites for months and still sit home alone on Saturday nights watching Netflix. How in the world will a dating site help my little buddy? My dog is depressed, not looking to get married.”

Those are very understandable thoughts, and why you should set your four-legged friend up with an online profile is a very good question.

In 2012, a research study found that 62% of American households have at least one pet, and of those who own dogs, 59% only own one. That means that most dog owners who leave the house for work or other needs must leave their dogs alone, and dogs get lonely. Just like humans, loneliness can lead to some serious depression.

The good news is that only 20 minutes or so of social interaction with a walker or strangers on the street can improve a dog’s mood tremendously. But what’s even better for a lonely dog is a play-date with another lonely dog. A little company can go a long way. Again, just like humans!

Dog dating sites will match your dog up with other dogs who are looking to roll around in the meadow and take a side by side stroll through the park. If things go well, hey, why not a second date, and then a third? Next thing you know, there might be an addition or two to the family, if that’s what you’re looking for.

There are approximately 55 million dogs in America today, and of that 55 million, about 4% of them suffer from some form of separation anxiety. When dog owners think to themselves, “My dog is depressed,” this is usually what is going on. Separation anxiety can seriously affect dogs, especially if you live in inner city areas where room to run is limited.

Building a solid dog social network can give your best friend the type of companionship they need to brighten their mood and improve their overall health. Meeting regularly with other dogs gives your pup an opportunity to exercise, socialize, and release all of the pent-up energy that builds up while staying inside alone all day.

If you are a dog person, then it’s probably very safe to say that your pet is a very important part of your life. If he or she is feeling lonely and you can sit it affecting their mood, firing up the computer and setting up a doggy profile on a pet dating site might just be the thing that does the trick.

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