Don’t Bore Your Dog With a Plain Ol’ Collar


Wholesale pet supplies

We all go a little crazy for our pets. We feed them the best food, even outfit them with mini sweaters and shirts, and buy them all the online pet supplies we can to make their lives more comfortable.

But one of the biggest areas of expense for some dog owners are dog leashes and collars. From pink spiked dog collars, to rhinestone dog collars, to patriotic dog collars, and leather ones, there are literally hundreds of different options to choose from.

Here are some cute dog collars you may want to consider.

  • Pop Up Flowers. If you are into unique dog collars, you may want to think about adding a 3D element to your dog’s collar. One way to do this is by adding a synthetic flower to the collar. You don’t have to make it frilly or too “girly,” but you can have a rose, lily, or even a sunflower attached to one part of it.
  • Charms. Another way to set your dog’s collar apart from all the others is to add charms all around it. You can choose any number of charms, from themed ones, to random items, to mini statues of dogs or other pets. This way, no one will mistake your dog for someone else’s.
  • Beads. Why not make your own collar, using thread and beads? You can always buy a kit from the store and weave together a strong collar, then attach a pattern of beads to the perimeter. You can design it however you want, adding in a wide array of colors that either contrast or match one another. In other words, go crazy.

You don’t necessarily have to look hard to find cute dog collars, either. You can find them online on many different websites, and even if you don’t see any that strike you, get creative and make your own.

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