How to Prepare Yourself and Your Home for a New Puppy


Well, it looks like Christmas has come early for you since you’ve finally gotten the new puppy that you’ve always wanted! As you begin loading up on bags of dog food, understand that’s not the only task you must do. Being the proud pet parent of a growing puppy comes with a great deal of responsibility. Your pup is a baby dog, so it will be fragile in its early months and you must protect and nourish it. From finding the right dog food to getting professional services, here are some ways you can prepare yourself and your home for your new furry family member.

Load Up on Cleaning Supplies

It’s a good thing that dogs are known as man’s best friend because they can often come with a bit of mess. As a pet parent, you must be patient with your baby dog as it grows and learn how to use the bathroom properly. Even as you invest in potty training, your dog may still have a few accidents inside your home. That’s why it’s a good idea to load up on the best cleaning supplies so that you’ll always be ready and willing to wipe up that poop or urine as needed.

If you’re worried about chemicals that can affect your dog, do your research to find the more economical cleaning supplies available. The Meyers brand of cleaning products are very economically friendly and come in a variety of natural scents ranging from lemongrass to lavender. If your nose is highly sensitive to certain smells, you can always get their unscented soaps as well.

Regardless of how clean you are, you may need some additional help, especially when your young pup begins making a mess after ravaging its dog food, has the occasional potty accident, spills things, or drags in dirt from the backyard. Luckily, a professional cleaning service can help anytime. There are many cleaning services to choose from and you could always start by getting a direct referral from someone you know. You can also check online reviews for the most popular house cleaning services. If you have a carpet, you may need someone who specializes in carpet steam cleaning so you can remove pet dander or spots from puppy accidents.

Install a New Fence

At some point, you’ll want to let your puppy roam around outside in your back or front yard. After all, dogs are social creatures and they love to explore and play. Before they become acclimated to other dogs or humans, they need to explore their local environment, starting with your home.

Imagine the horror you would feel if your baby pup were to get out beyond the confines of your yard. Your dog could end up getting hit by a car or kidnapped by somebody who wants a dog of their own. Your dog could also be susceptible to the anger of bigger dogs that may attack it. Before you bring your pup home, or let them out, have your local fence company build a protective fence around your space. Luckily, fences can come in a range of materials based on the purpose you need them for and your design preference. From chain links to cast iron, to vinyl to wood, you have many options when it comes to your new fence installation.

Once you have your fence installed, you can rest assured that your dog will have a safe environment to explore the outdoors. Before you bring your pup to the dog park, you’re going to have to wait for it to get its shots so that it’s safe around other dogs and humans. In the meantime, your puppy can roam free on the grass, chase after butterflies, see what a ladybug looks like, and begin the process of using the bathroom outside as opposed to on your beautiful rug.

If the weather permits, you can also set your dog food bowl outside. That way your dog will always have a space to eat, play, and roam around whenever you give them outdoor time. Sometimes it might be best to let your dog eat outside as it will make your home less messy.

Upgrade Your Garden

Since your dog enjoys being outside, that also gives you more of an excuse to sit outside as well. So if you’ve been putting off upgrading your garden and landscape, now is the time to stop procrastinating and prepare it for you and your pup. After all, you may not always feel like going on an extensive walk around the block, especially on days when you’re tired or the weather is not permitting. Luckily, with an upgraded patio, it’ll be just as convenient for you to sit outside with your pup as they get exercise, relax, take in some vitamin D, or nap on the lawn.

Have you researched the plants on your property? If you have a green thumb, you understand some plant species can be poisonous to both pets and little kids. Knowing that your pup will be curious about its environment and prone to biting and chewing on things that it shouldn’t, you should ensure that there are no poisonous plants at the level your puppy can reach. Consider hiring local landscapers, if you haven’t already done so, to evaluate your landscape for anything that has harmful sap that could send your pup to the vet.

Have you thought about building a doghouse in your yard? Why not place a custom doghouse right next to your garden? There are many dog houses that you can buy online and put together on your own. You can also go to your local pet shop to see if there are any doghouse kits available. If you live in an area with inclement weather, a doghouse will provide shelter for your pup when it must be outside. Even if you live in a place that has hot weather, like Florida or California, you’re beautiful dog will also need shade and comfort from the heat. If you keep any dog food outside near the dog house, keep it covered so you don’t attract any vermin.

Since you’re going to be chilling outside with your pup more often, you might as well ensure that you have comfortable seating on your deck or patio. So now is the perfect time to upgrade your patio furniture with durable seats and cushions that you can lounge on for hours at a time. If you have a swimming pool, you may also want to ensure you have a protective fence or shield around it so that your pup can’t fall in. Dogs are amazing swimmers, but your pup may need to learn a bit before you feel comfortable with it going right into the water.

Ensure You Have Heating and Cooling Facilities

Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you shouldn’t worry about air conditioning services. So if you haven’t already had your regular AC inspection, now is the time to do so. Remember, your HVAC system isn’t just responsible for heating and cooling the air, it’s also responsible for filtering it and circulating it throughout your home. So if your system has dirty, molded, contaminated ductwork that hasn’t been cleaned out yet, it can affect anyone that’s in your home, whether it’s you or your young susceptible puppy.

According to the CDC, over 11,000 Americans have died since 1979 due to heat-related illnesses. Heat stroke can not only affect human beings, it can also affect animals. Smaller animals and younger ones are especially susceptible to the ravages of an extremely hot or cold environment.

There are many ways to keep your dog properly heated and cooled so that they are safe and healthy at all times. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, always feed and hydrate your puppy appropriately. Dogs have special sensors on their tongue that make them crave water. So when you set out their dog food bowl, make sure they always have an ongoing source of water available, especially in the summer months. In the wintertime, have a cozy dog blanket available in their dog bed. You should also place their dog bed in a part of the home where they can experience a comfortable amount of heat.

Invest in Dog Training

Remember, your puppy needs to be socialized. Your puppy has certain instincts but it won’t always know what proper behavior is. Therefore, it needs positive reinforcement and training, both from older dogs and humans. If you don’t properly train your puppy, you may end up needing a dog bite attorney because it bit another dog or human. That’s a liability issue you don’t need to deal with, so be proactive and invest in dog training.

When you send your dog to a training professional, there are many benefits from this service. You can expect your dog to receive potty training. They will also undergo behavioral training that often includes positive reinforcement. In other words, they will understand the benefits of doing the right behavior. Your trainer may give them a treat because they did a certain command, and remembered to use the bathroom outside. They may pet them because they didn’t go for the dog food until they were commanded to do so.

Speaking of commands, did you know that some dogs are capable of learning over 200 of them? Of course, learning so many commands will happen over time. During professional training, your dog will at least learn the basic commands such as sit, stay, roll over, and respond to their name being called.

Find a Vet

Your puppy will need medical services just like any human child would. A canine emergency can happen for several reasons. Your dog may end up eating bad dog food. They may end up getting bitten by another dog at the park. In worst-case scenarios, they could get into an accident by getting hit by a car, suffering a fall, stepping on a nail, or having a laceration. That’s why it’s important to have access to a local emergency veterinarian. Don’t wait until something bad happens to your puppy to find one. Make sure you know where your local vet is before you bring your puppy home. Check reviews and ask other pet parents for vet recommendations.

When your puppy goes through certain development stages, they will need to get a series of vaccination shots. Once your puppy has completed their vaccination, they will be free to socialize with other dogs and humans. Such immunization can protect your fur baby from various ailments such as worms or parvovirus.

Your veterinarian can also suggest the ideal dog food to use for a young puppy in its later adolescent and senior stages. They can also provide additional nutritional supplements your dog may need, especially if they begin developing elements such as ligament problems or gastrointestinal issues.

Ensure Your Plumbing is Up to Date

Last but not least, call a residential plumber before you bring your puppy home. As long as your plumbing is up to date, you’ll always have fresh running water available. Of course, you need water to drink, bathe, and sanitize your home, and you’ll need plenty of water to give to your puppy. You’ll also need to clean your home more often since you’ll have to tend to a busy and sometimes dirty dog. Don’t forget that dogs often love drinking from the toilet. So make sure that your toilet water is as clean as possible and not coming from corroded pipes that can harm your puppy’s system.

As you can see, bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time for a homeowner. Your canine will be in addition to your family and your new friend. As you take it through its various stages, from childhood to adolescence to senior years, your pup will need all the love and support in the world. Start by ensuring it has quality dog food, veterinary services, security, and proper training. Good luck with your new canine addition.

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