Keep ‘Em Strong How to Help your Pets Thrive


Pet health insurance for pre-existing conditions

Animals have lived alongside humans as domesticated companions for centuries. The U.S. alone has 46.3 million loving homes for dogs and houses the largest population of cats (76.3 million) in the world. For many pet owners, a pet is much more than an animal — it’s someone to see the world with and come home to. While we insure ourselves, our cars, and our homes, why not consider insurance for pets in order to keep them with us for as long as possible?
The very first thing to consider before adopting a pet is how to take care of it. Loving it is one thing, but pets also need food, maintenance, and even emergency care at times. Americans spend $20.46 billion on pet food alone in a year, and even proper nutrition isn’t a guarantee of health. Insurance for pets can lower the overall cost burden of healthcare for your furry friends.
Many people have heard Bob Barker’s speech at the end of The Price Is Right: “Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!” Well, we’ve kept up on cats, as approximately 84% are spayed or neutered, and though dogs are more often used for breeding, a good portion of our pups are taken care of as well. As you might imagine, spaying and neutering can be an expensive procedure, not to mention annual shots to keep your pal from contracting fatal diseases. Average vet spending in the U.S. totals $13.59 billion, and insurance for pets can cover a lot of the maintenance procedures and shots, even check-ups. Many vet offices offer pet wellness plans, puppy health insurance to get through those first few months, and even insurance for older pets. Additionally, pet health insurance can also cover pre-existing conditions.
Insurance for pets may seem frivolous, but the cost of pet healthcare is high without it. Aside from veterinarian visits, pets sometimes need advanced care, like surgery and medications. Parasites, colds, and even the occasional flea invasion might leave you contributing to the $12.56 billion spent on over-the-counter meds for your dog or cat. With insurance, your pet may be covered to get free treatments for minor maladies at the vet’s office. Pet health insurance plans, though potentially expensive in the beginning, help you save in the long run by discounting some of these health items.
Insurance for your pets is an all around saver. It gives your furry friend the healthcare he or she needs to live a long, full life, and it allows you to keep the extra change to buy toys and treats for man’s best friend.

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