Pet ID Tags


Engraved pet tags

It used to be that when a pet got lost it usually stayed lost. That is not the case anymore. Thankfully, we have pet tags now that we can put on our beloved dogs or cats. Cat tags are not used as often though. Dog ID tags are really used a lot though. You have to put pet tags on your dog anyway to show that they have had their rabies shots. Dog tags for dogs are changing too. You see, you can get your dog chipped now. This is where they use pet id tags in the form of a micro chip that they place under the dogs skin. It can be scanned and the dog’s owner identified. These make the best pet tags now.

The first place that will look for pet tags if a lost dog or cat is found, is the animal shelter where a dog or cat can be taken when found roaming around on the streets. Dog tags for pets are excellent ideas. Countless dog owners have been reunited with their pets who had pet tags on. Before you go out and buy pet tags be sure you keep a few things in mind.

For one, you’ll want to get the most durable pet tags for your pets. Look for pet tags that are going to withstand getting wet and that won’t break easily. If you are going to get your dog micro chipped, take them to your local vet. Everyone can’t afford micro chipping though, so traditional pet tags are still used a lot. Look for tags that are made of thick plastic or high quality metal, such as stainless steel.

Pet tags come in different shapes and colors to. You can find them shaped like hearts, circles and even dog bones. Look for a collar that matches your dog or cats collar color if you are concerned with that. In other words, you wouldn’t want a green pet tag with a purple collar, etc.

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