The All Purpose German Shepherd Dog


German shepherd puppies

Pet owners who choose to purchase German Shepherd puppies from German shepherd breeders do so its many different attributes. German Shepherd puppies grow to be adult dogs that are loyal and steadfast protectors of their families, excellent with children, highly trainable, active, and one of the most intelligent of all breeds. Thus, the traits possessed by adult German Shepherd dogs are a combination of many of the things dog owners desire in a dog.

The history of the German Shepherd dates back to Germany in 1899, when German Shepherd puppies were bred to herd and guard sheep. Physically, this hard working and hearty member of the herding group is large, thick, and muscular; and a full grown male German Shepherd dog usually weighs between 77 pounds and 95 pounds. The one drawback of the German Shepherd dog might be its lifespan, which is usually between 7 and 10 years; however, some sources say that German Shepherds have a 9 to 13 year lifespan.

Although there are many positive traits of German Shepherd dogs that make them ideal choices for many pet owners, there are some things to keep in mind. Since German Shepherd puppies grow into large herding dogs, they do enjoy having the opportunity to run and roam; therefore, they may not be suited to sequestered apartment living or sedentary lifestyles. As such, the more active the owner, the better. As with any large dog breed, training is mandatory in order for dog owners to remain in control of their dogs at all times. Furthermore, German shepherd puppies for sale by reputable breeders are always the best choice.


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