Three Ways You Can Treat Your Furry Family Member to Something Special


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How much, exactly, do people love their dogs? Data would suggest that the answer is roughly “a lot.” Already, American spending on pets is rising to close to $60 billion, with no signs of stopping.

According to CBS News, some of the biggest gains in the pet industry went toward more expensive, healthier pet food than what was previously bought. Studies have also shown that people tend to think of dogs as their children, and a surveyed 81% of people consider dogs to be “true family members.”

Are you looking for ways to spoil your dog child? Here are three ways you can treat your furry family member to something a little special.

1. Healthy Dog Treats

Years ago, the market for healthy dog treats was quite limited. Today, you can access everything from organic dog pancakes, to ice cream specifically formulated for dogs. The internet or a local pet store will be your best bet for finding extra special treats, rather than the grocery store. Instead of just getting a bone, try something new — perhaps a dog-formulated cake mix to celebrate a special day?

2. Full Service Grooming

Dog grooming is a treat for both you and your dog. Your dog is clean and all the tangles are cut out, and they feel more comfortable. What your dog needs from a groomer will depend on breed, but full service grooming will typically involve dog baths, hair cutting, as well as dog toe nail trim services. Other extras you can opt for at the groomer include flea treatment and deshedding treatment, which can come in handy during the summer months. Deshedding is a treat for you, your dog, and your couch.

3. Find a Fun New Way to Exercise

You can always go running or walking with your dog, of course. But one way to bring them pleasure is to try out a new way to exercise. The right choice will depend on the type of dog you have and what it prefers doing. One activity many dogs enjoy is tracking. You can even compete against other dogs and their handlers by laying out a scent several hours before the competition. An agility class can also be fun for your dog.

Would you consider dog grooming a treat? Let us know in the comments.
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