What Your Dog Eats Is As Important As Anything You Eat Make Sure He Eats Well You Should Too


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If you think that just picking up a bag of store brand dog food is feeding your dog the best food around, you are in for quite a surprise. Contrary to what the dog food industry wants you to think, not just anything can go into what you feed your dog. It takes some time, some research, and a little extra money, but improving the quality of your dog food will improve the quality of your dog life, and make sure that Sneakers lives a long, healthy, and happy life. It has actually been shown that feeding your dog some of the better foods on the market can prevent them from getting the more common doggy ailments later in life, leading one to believe the cheap food to be an instigator to these, if not an out and out culprit.

What you are looking for in your dog food is as natural as possible. You want to avoid any grains at all. Dogs do not eat grains in the wild, why should they eat them in their food bowl? You also want to stay away from fillers, like ash, meal, or byproduct. Avoid artificial colors or flavors. Colors make no difference to your dog at all. Why should they care about the color of their food when they cannot see it? And if you find that you have to flavor your food just to get a dog to eat it, there is definitely something wrong with it. My dog ate a banana peel once. They will eat pretty much anything.

Lastly, avoid anything not needed in the food! When you see chemical names that stretch the length of the ingredients list, chances are they are not really needed. And, in the long run, not worth it because they could affect your pooch negatively.

As I warned before, you will have to pay a bit more for your dog food if you do care that they eat well. But it is a worthy investment, because your dog will live healthier the rest of its life. Plus, you can very often find dog food coupons on the company website, to soften the blow a little.

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