Why is Your Veterinary Website Important for Your Practice’s Success?


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One of the most essential services in the United States is veterinary practices. As the Humane Society of the United States points, Americans keep 164 million pets, whether they’re cats, dogs, or otherwise. Subsequently, as IBIS World statistics show, the American veterinary industry is worth a whopping $32 billion.

While you shouldn’t expect the need for veterinarians to disappear anytime soon, the market is becoming increasingly competitive for the attention of pet lovers. With more than 38,000 veterinary practices in the country, each vet needs to do what they can to make themselves stand out. By building engaging, useful veterinary clinic websites, each practice can find success in the Digital Age.

Why Does Your Veterinary Website Matter?
A veterinarian website can help draw in many customers who’ve never heard of your business before finding you online. Consider, according to Internet World Stats, more than two billion people from around the world use the worldwide web everyday to find businesses just like yours. If veterinarian websites are built with common website marketing tips in mind, they can take a practice’s veterinary marketing to the next level.

Three Tips for an Effective Veterinary Website

  • Educate Your Clients
  • One of the best ways to improve your veterinary marketing with your website is to educate your clients about different pet health concerns using well written content on your page. Consider, according to Quantcast.com, WebMD, a website full of health information for both humans and their pets, generates nearly 17 million unique visitors a month. Why? Because they offer information web surfers want. By offering similarly useful health information for dogs, cats, and other animals you take care of, you can start generating more traffic to your own site.

  • Become More Than a Marketer to Your Customers
  • The most successful business websites, regardless of whether they’re for veterinary marketing or not, do more than promote a business; instead, they promote an image of a business. Can you tell the difference? Take, for example, your veterinary website: naturally, you want to advertise your services, your location, your hours, but you also should share things that you love with your customers. That being said, each item you share should have something to do with your identity.

    One of the best ideas is to try and share popular animal videos from Youtube on your webpage. If you were to search Youtube right now for “cat,” you could come up with a number of videos that have two to 20 million views. Sharing these extremely popular videos on your site is a great way to appear like a human instead of like a marketer to your customers.

  • Use Your Veterinary Website to Show Client Feedback
  • As written on DVM360’s Veterinary Business, a well designed website gives veterinarians an easy way to share customer feedback. For example, if you get a letter of praise from one of your clients, then you should ask them if you can scan it and share it on your website. This can be a powerful tool for earning new customers.

Building a high quality website for your practice can be the key to successful veterinary marketing to all of America’s pet lovers. If you’re tired of your site being little more than a place holder, put these tips to use to generate traffic, and added revenue, through modern veterinary marketing. Good refereneces.

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