3 Awesome Types Of Horse Blankets


As winter sets in humans know when its time to go inside. Horses, however, don’t always have that opportunity. Equestrians know that winter means is time to dig out that fleece blankets for horses you’ve been storing all summer. You even know that really cold weather means layers for both your and your horse’s warmth. But did you know that there are more horse blankets available?

  • Horse Rain Sheets
    Rain sheets for horses are great for keeping your horse dry. however, In wet weather driving rain can penetrate the seams of your rain sheet and seep onto the horse’s back. Most commonly seams like this exist along the spine of the horse’s back, literally sending a chill up its spine. When looking for a good rain sheet focus on few seams and a wither cap that keeps the rain off the neck.
  • Summer Sheets
    When it comes to warm weather its difficult to wrap your head around wrapping your horse in a blanket. Despite this, there are a lot of reasons you may want to invest in a summer sheet. Depending on the color of your horse’s coat, a light colored sheet can protect your horse from the sun. A light colored horse can become sunburned by prolonged exposure, and a darker coat can soak in the sun raising your horse’s body temperature significantly. A summer sheet can deflect the sun’s light just like a nice white t-shirt on a hot day. In addition, these blankets can also protect your horse from flies. A great investment for your horse’s quality of life.
  • Show sheets
    If you show your horses, a show sheet is a great way to protect your beautifully clean horse from accumulating dirt. If you have another blanket you plan to put on your horse, say a winter blanket, a show sheet can prevent the thicker fleece material from rubbing oddly against your horse’s freshly groomed coat. This keeps your horse shiny and show ready.
  • Item

Not that fleece blankets for horses aren’t a really important part of your horse care supplies. Right up there with your equine riding helmets and horse hock wraps. But you can improve your horse’s quality of life by deploying horse blankets at other times of the year.

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