Taking A Look At How To Care For Your Dog In America


From dog grooming services to cage-free boarding services, there are many components that go into the proper care and keeping of animals – particularly dogs. Here in the United States – as well as in many other places throughout the world – dogs are extremely popular, regarded by many to be man’s best friend, a close companion and much loved member of the family for as long as they live. Here in the United States, there are more than seventy million pet dogs, making us the nation in the world that, by and large, loves dogs the most. And for good reason, too. Dogs can have a whole range of emotions, and are considered to be as smart as the typical human toddler who is about two years of age. From funny to warm to energetic to cuddly, dogs have personalities nearly as distinct and defined as the personalities of human beings. When you pair the right owner with the right dog, an incredibly strong and long lasting bond is often formed, separated only by death and still continued on in memory after that. For instance, forty five percent of all dog owners are so close with their dogs that the dogs are even allowed to sleep with them in their own beds.

But it’s important to stress the fact that owning as dog is a lot of responsibility, almost as much as owning a human baby (though, of course, some key things are very different). Puppies, for instance, who are still very young (between the ages of eight weeks to twelve weeks old) will need to be fed up to four times each and every day. And all dogs require exercise from walks to running around in the yard. Toilet training is often another aspect of being a new dog owner, as is making sure that your dog gets enough socialization throughout their days. However, many, if not the majority of, dog owners work. Sometimes, one half of a partner will be home all day and will not have a job (or will work from home, as more and more people are switching over to). In such circumstances, the dog is likely to be well socialized and happy. However, if all parties in the home are at work or school for the majority of the day, the dog can become lonely and other problems can begin to stem from this.

Taking your dog to a cage-free boarding kennel for your days away from the home is a good idea, as a cage-free boarding kennel will provide dogs with the stimulation and interaction that they are very much in need of and very much lacking in many cases when they spend the day alone at home. The right cage-free boarding center will meet a number of qualifications if it is the right place for your dog to go. For instance, in any given cage-free boarding kennel, there should be no more than ten dogs to every one handler. If the cage-free boarding kennel operates in a primarily outdoor space, this number will be slightly different, with as many as fifteen dogs for every one handler, as the dogs will have more space to run around and play and are less likely to need as much direct and one on one attention with the handler.

Aside from the use of the cage-free boarding kennel, some dogs will also be very much in need of professional dog grooming. This will be essential for dogs with long hair, as this hair is likely to become hot and matted during the summer months. Fortunately, professional doggy grooming services can help and can provide your dog with a short hair cut once it gets hot outside.

From cage-free boarding kennels to professional doggy grooming locations, there are many ways to take good care of your dog or dogs and make their lives as happy and as healthy as possible, both physically and emotionally. Dogs are truly, in many different ways, man’s best friend. The power of the bond between human and dog cannot be underestimated, and owners will do many things to ensure the comfort of their pets.

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