3 Reasons Why You Should Make a Dating Profile for Your Pooch


Dog dating site

We live in a world where online dating has become an easy, effective way to find your ideal soul mate. Globally, there has been a 57% increase in the number of online dating profiles — but have you ever thought of setting up a dating profile for your dog ? It’s not that crazy after all: Americans alone spend over $50 billion on their pets, who many consider to be members of the family. Here are three reasons why you might want to play matchmaker with your furry friends by setting up a dog dating profile.
1. Dogs Can Be Lonely Too
Based on surveys, 59% of dog owners only have one dog. While their owners are away at work or school, their dogs are often left alone. Of the 55 million dogs in the United States, an estimated 4% suffer from separation anxiety just as a human would. A little can go a long way to improving your dog’s mood; a 20 minute walk for a dog is as socially therapeutic as going to a club or restaurant would be for us. A 2000 survey from the Lakewood, Colorado-based American Animal Hospital Association found that 44% of the participating pet owners adopted a second animal just to keep their pets happy. For those who may not have the time or availability to walk their dogs, pet dating may be a strong option.
2. Dog Breeding
One of the features that makes online dating so accessible are the match-making features. These websites are personalized to find a unique match for the user; the same can be said for dog dating sites. Looking for a specific Cuddly Casanova to pair with your Barking Belle? Pet dating sites can either find your pup a mate for life or just for dog playdates, if commitment spooks your pooch.
3. Ease of Mind (For the Owners!)
A different survey conducted by the AAHA from 2000 found that 75% of pet owners feel guilty about having to leave their faithful companions at home while at work. Additionally, 38% of pet owners call home from work to check on their pets. Whether they get into messes or just sleep around all day, most people are willing to spend upwards of $100 per week, in metropolitan areas, just to make sure their dogs are occupied during the work day. Online dog dating might take the worry out of leaving your precious pets at home during the day.
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