Guide For First Time Dog Owners


Veterinary advice

If you’re adopting your first dog, you may be unsure of the commitment that comes with taking care of them. Dog owners must live a completely different lifestyle than those who do not own a dog, and special considerations need to be made to ensure the pup is as happy and healthy as can be. Here are a few things a new dog owner should do after adopting their new best friend.

Dog-Proof Your Home

Bringing a dog home means you’ll have to make a few changes to your house. Make sure that all cleaning supplied and chemicals are stored safety away. If you don’t want something to get chewed on, don’t leave it on the floor. This includes things like wires, shoes, blankets, and children’s stuffed animals. Make sure your house is fully stocked with all the things a dog needs, such as food, toys, and plenty of space to play.

Train Your Dog

When a dog is brought to a new home, the owner will need to start training them right away. Housetraining helps your dog understand what is and isn’t allowed in your home, and helps develop healthy boundaries. If you have difficulty with dog training, consider taking your dog to an obedience class. These classes will help teach you and your dog how to live together. Above all, remember that it’s never okay to physically punish your dog for unwanted behavior. Using strong verbal commands is the best way to teach your dog right from wrong.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy

As soon as you adopt your dog, you should look for a pet wellness center that will be able to provide your pet with veterinary care. Even if your new companion is up to date on their shots, it’s important to introduce them to their new doctor, and have them checked for any signs of pet illness. Seek veterinary advice for any pet health concerns that you may have about your new dogs, such as any sign of common diseases to look out for. Vets recommend that you should seek out veterinary care for your dog at least once a year.

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