4 Therapeutic Products For Your Horse


If you are a horse owner then chances are you love your horses and want the best for them. This includes making sure that they are physically fit and comfortable. There are a lot of ways to ensure these things, but one of the best is with some therapeutic products made just for them. Products like guards for shoulders, neck covers, and support braces help keep away joint pain, keep your horse’s body relaxed, and keep your horse active. Below is a list of five items you can buy to provide these benefits for your horse.

1. Guards for Shoulders

Shoulder guards are wonderful for horses for a couple of reasons. First, they help to protect the shoulders from chafing and discomfort caused by blankets. It also creates therapeutic support for their shoulders to give them the most range of motion and a greater level of comfort.

2. Neck Covers

These offer a couple of great therapy purposes for your horse’s neck. The first is the ability to warm up their neck muscles before exercise to avoid chances of injury. The second is provide a soothing infrared effect after exercise to help their muscles recover.

3. Exercise Boots

These durable boots are a great option for protecting your horse from joint and ligament injuries. They help to stimulate blood flow in your horse’s legs, warming them up and keeping them more limber. Not only does this make exercise easier for them, but it also makes it easier for them to recover.

4. Hock Wraps

Horse hock wraps are a great way to add extra support and warmth to your horse’s hocks, especially if they are capped or arthritic. It can help to soothe pain from previous injuries or protect your horse from new ones.

Horse’s bodies are made up of a great deal of muscle and joints that all get worked when they exercise. Everything works together when they run or jump, so making sure to take precautions will help them avoid pain and discomfort in the future. These items can support your horse every time they exercise and help to keep their bodies in peak condition for years to come.

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