Benefits of Chicken Nesting Boxes


Chicken nesting box

If you are someone who is interested in learning how to raise your own chickens and produce your own eggs, you are in the right place! The new fad of eating organic foods and knowing exactly where they came from is important and beneficial to health and sustainability. Raising chickens of your own is a great way to be sure the foods you are eating are antibiotic free, organic, and healthy. The downside is that this comes with vast responsibility. You need to take care of your chickens, feed them, and clean their cages. Their home, or chicken coop, is the location the chickens spend the most time in, so an adequate one should be used. Though you have many choices in your chicken coop, there are clear benefits of chicken nesting boxes. These nest boxes are durable, easy to clean and assemble, and decrease the number of broken eggs. Read on to learn more about why you should choose a chicken nesting box!

Benefits of Chicken Nesting Boxes

    1. Increased Durability and Assembly.

    You’re going to want a nest box that is durable, and can last not only through the daily activity of the chickens, but also through all types of weather. Typically, a heavier box is made out of thicker metal, and will ultimately be more durable. These metal chicken nesting boxes tend to be more expensive, but you get what you pay for. Instead of having to repair or replace your nest box, it will last through many years and cycles of egg laying, plus with the increased durability, you can have more chickens at once! Since raising chickens is already a huge time consumer, you want to make sure the set up is as easy as possible. You know there are projects you would like to start but never do because the initial steps seem too difficult to overcome. Don’t let your nest box assembly hold you back! Find nesting boxes for sale that are easy to assemble or comes mostly assembled already.

    2. Easiness of Cleaning.

    Making sure your chicken nesting box is clean is crucial to the healthiness of your chickens and ultimately your food. Chicken nesting boxes are typically easy to clean and maintain, which means you can worry less about your animals and food and more about the new recipes you’ll try! Many nest boxes have different cleaning features, such as rollaway nest boxes that allow for easier cleaning, and reversibility which allows for different coop setups. This is one of the clear benefits of chicken nesting boxes, as they allow for more animal interaction and stimulation because they get to see different setups, and it is not hard work for you to do!

    3. Decrease the Number of Broken Eggs.

    The feeling you get when you buy eggs from a grocery store and bring them home only to realize one or more are broken is horrible- and messy! Unfortunately, that is what comes with the territory of raising your own chickens. Broken eggs are common, but there are a few steps your chicken nesting box can take to reduce the impact these have. First, if they are easy to clean, as stated above, the broken eggs will not cause as much stress. You can take out the egg tray or clean the entire coop quickly and easily so your chickens remain clean and healthy. Also, look for a coop that has a roll out nest box. These allow you to pull out the eggs easily, reducing the possibility of breaking the eggs as you are retrieving them. The roll away nest box also keeps the eggs clean, as it is separate from the area the chickens live in.

There are many benefits of chicken nesting boxes, including the ones listed here. All benefits of chicken nesting boxes, as well as other types of chicken coops, should be considered before determining which is best for your lifestyle. As raising chickens and producing eggs becomes a more popular past time for individuals everywhere, the products will evolve to allow for easier cleaning and reduced broken eggs. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the fresh eggs!

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