Don’t Our Dogs Deserve All the Love We Give Them and More?


Pet exercise equipment

Dogs have been beside the human race probably since it began. Many call dogs the ultimate and perfect companion for human beings. Their loyalty and affection are attributes that, among others, have given the canine species the name Hu”Man’s” Best Friend.

Some people see their dog as a wonderful companion and others see their dogs as more than that; they see their dogs as part of their family. If you have a dog or know someone who does, you already know how much of our American world dogs have entered into over the past one hundred years or so. We have done quite a bit in our society to provide for our dogs. The market for dog-related items has grown substantially in this century, and rightfully so. Our dogs are worth it.

Over 46,300,000 households own a dog of some kind or another. In the United States, alone, we have between 37% to 47% of all households owning at least one dog. Because almost half of our society has a dog, we have seen communities putting dog-friendly policies in place in all kinds of cities and towns across America. In a 2016 report put out by the Trust for Public Lands, for example, there is at least one dog park in every major city in the United States.

The need for dog food and dog accessories and everything dog has launched a major industry in this country with several smaller niches underneath. Americans, seeing a market and an opportunity, have done what Americans have always done, which is to supply the needs, wants, and desires of that market with things that are in demand.

When you think about everything that is needed to take care of a dog, you realize why there are so many people who treat their dogs as children and think of them that way. There is dog food, which is a whole other discussion. It is such an enormous aspect of what it means to take care of a dog that the entirety of another article would not suffice to cover all of the detail of food.

Aside from food, there are so many different accessories that could be mentioned. Dog training obstacles, exercise equipment for dogs, dog crates, dog poop backs, and chew toys are only some of the items that the market has seen a need for, but inside of these basic items are niche markets that grow and flourish every day.

Take, for example, the dog crate. There are many to choose from, including the pet crate end table, which is an amazingly simple yet practical example of what people are asking for and what the industry is giving them. The pet crate end table is a genius move–it accomplishes the function you wish it to perform and it is functioning also as a piece of quality furniture.

Aside from things like the pet crate end table, providing dog waste bags for doggy waste stations in the park or on the trail near your home is a service that was not around 20 years ago. Not in many places throughout the country, anyway. A dog-friendly nation has meant that all around the country we are recognizing dogs and other types of pets as being crucial to us living a happy and productive life.

Don’t our dogs deserve the kinds of care we give them? A pet crate end table or a big fluffy dog bed is only a small thing to consider when you think about all of the ways your dog makes your life better. Our dogs don’t expect too much from us. They are, most of them, simple creatures with simple needs. It doesn’t take too much in the way of thinking about it to realize, though, that bringing home a few items and accessories to make them feel comfortable and happy is only a small token to show them what they have done for us.

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