How Pet Insurance Works Because Your Pet Deserves to Be Healthy


How to choose pet insurance plans

When you are concerned with your pet’s continued health, finding all the information on pet insurance you can will put some of those fears at ease. How pet insurance works isn’t complicated, but it is important that you understand the fine print should you choose to move forward and take a policy out on your pet.

Do you keep track of how much you spent at the veterinarian’s office last year? The total the U.S. spends on veterinary care each year is estimated at $13.59 billion. Pet insurance is attractive especially to those pet owner’s who might have needed to spend a bit more on unexpected veterinarian bills.

The medical needs of the average house pet is remarkably similar to the average person. It’s true if looked at this way: we both need regular vaccinations, healthy food, watch our weight, get enough exercise, and not swallow Legos or other inadvisable items. Our pets may have other health woes in the form of terrible accidents, such as getting hit by a car, bit by a poisonous snake, or even by developing a terminal illness.

How pet insurance works is by planning ahead for these health concerns, as well as others not listed here. Quality healthcare for pets can be expensive. You may not know exactly when your dog is going to sniff out a big piece of chocolate and get sick from it, but you suspect it might be an inevitability that will occur at some point in their life. Or maybe your cat has a habit of leaping without looking, and you’re concerned that some day, they’re going to leap off a high place and break a leg.

This is the appeal of pet insurance. We pay a collective $20.46 billion on our pets food each year, and looking at that nearly unshifting amount we’d prefer that we keep the veterinarian costs down. How pet insurance works is by having the pet owner pay a premium over time, so that at some future point in time when the pet is injured or ill, the costs can be covered.

Every pet insurance company has slightly different policies and payment amounts. On average, the pet owner will pay a registration fee, and then an automated payment each month. The automated monthly payment is predetermined by you, depending on the deductible you decide on.

When you understand how pet insurance works, it becomes evident that it really only helps after your pet gets badly hurt or ill. An x-ray and an intravenous drip can cost almost $500 for just a smaller pet. The dark truth is that pet insurance pays off when the veterinarian bill is more than what your premium adds up to over a year.

There are over 76 million cats in the U.S., and over 46 million homes have a dog. Many people own other types of pets as well, from albino pythons to zebra finches. What they all have in common is the care and love of their owners.

There will be times in every pet owners life when our pets aren’t feeling their best. We want to take care of our pets; it’s our responsibility to ensure that they are healthy and happy. To keep them healthy when an unfortunate accident occurs, pet insurance can be an option worth researching.

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