Getting a Chew Resistant Dog Bed or Pad


Dogs, or “Man’s best friend,” are excellent and highly popular pets around the world, and in the United States, some 75 million pet dogs can be found. Dogs and cats together are the two most popular pet types, but they require some certain care or hardware at times. For dogs in particular, it is important to have the right bedding or travel kennel on hand, and the bad news is that dog beds sometimes suffer from a dog’s jaws. Dogs have very strong jaws and hard teeth, and are well known for chewing on anything and everything, especially when bored. A dog bed may suffer when the dog chews on it and tears up the fabric and scatters the stuffing, and a similar scenario might play out for nearby couch or human bed. A dog kennel pad may also get chewed up, and dog kennel pads can be expensive to keep replacing when they get chewed on. However, a chew proof crate pad may be the solution, and a number of different models made from different materials may be found. A chew proof crate pad is ideal for any dog that likes to chew its bedding. An investment in a chew proof crate pad can be a smart one for any dog owner.

A Chew Proof Crate Pad

While dogs have strong jaws and no material is truly unbreakable, a number of models and materials for a chew proof crate pad can be found. These chew-resistant pads and beds can be found commercially at a retailer or online, and they can be perfectly comfortable for the dog as well as too tough to chew apart. Softer, more conventional fabrics or stuffing may be torn apart or poked through as a dog chews on it, so instead, the owner of a chew-happy dog can find a specialized chew proof crate pad. What might such a dog bed look like?

In some cases, a chew-resistant dog bed will be sort of like a trampoline. It may consist of a tough metal frame that’s the right size for the dog, and the bedding will be made of durable material that has no loose ends or fabric for a dog to bite down on and tear up or drag around. A dog won’t be able to do much with this sort of bed except lay on it, which is the entire point. An owner may look for such beds and find one that is the right size for their own dog.

Another option is to find a dog pad or bed whose inner lining is a very tough ballistic material that can resist dog teeth and pressure. Such material may resist tears and punctures, and the bed is unlikely to come apart and have stuffing get everywhere. A dog may try to chew it, then meet resistance from the ballistic material and soon give up. This sort of dog pad may come in a variety of colors and be comfortable for the dog to lay on, and may also come in different sizes for different dog breeds.

Other times, a dog owner needs a relaxing pad for a kennel or crate rather than a simple dog bed in the home. Traveling in a car or truck in a crate may be stressful for some dogs, who may relieve their stress by chewing apart their bedding in a metal kennel. But this is a hassle to fix or replace, and a dog may not like laying down on a shredded pad. So, a dog owner can invest in a tough, chew proof crate pad for their pet, and provide the dog with proper chew toys like a rubber ball or a short length of rope. In this way, the dog can chew if it wants to, but the canine won’t destroy its own bedding in the process. And in other cases, a dog may spend a lot of time laying on bedding, such as if it is recovering from an injury or arthritis. A recovering dog may get bored and try to chew its bedding, so owners may want to get chew-resistant materials and provide proper chew toys to occupy their pet.

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