Important Information on Dog Health



There is nothing that people love in America more than their pets. Yeah, I know it may sound silly, but this is definiltey true. Just think about first and foremost whether or not you own a pet. Then, think about all of your friend that owne either a cat or a dog or some pet, yeah there are a lot. Then try to imagine the number of family members and random people you have met that own a pet.

Like I said, people love pets. With this so it is understandable that an enitre industry of work now surrounds pets. This indusrty contains pet insurance plans, pet insurance for dogs, pet insurace for cats, and the over care of the health of dog breeds.

Cats and dogs are the most popular type of pet in the United States. Right now the United States has more felines than any other country containigng about 76.43 cats. There are 60 million cats that are feral in this country as well. Cats will mostly sleep whcihc is why it is easy to take care of them, especially since on average they will sleep for about 16 hours. 84% of all cats are spayed or neutered but unfortuntaely that number is no 100%.

Now that we have talked about cats let us dig into the health of dog breeds. Get it? Dig? Out of all of the households in the United States about 46.3 million have a dog. This equaes to anywhere between 37% and 47% of all households owning at least one dog in the United States. So yeah, dogs are almost as popular as cats, if not more popular in some instances.

If you own a dog you know that they need to be groomed and taken care of on a regular basis. This includes walking your dog, haircuts, getting insurance for pets, going to see a vet every once in a while, and even giving it a bath. Most people will get a pet from a family member whereas only 28% of all dogs are bought from breeders.

This means that only 29% of all cats and dogs are adopted from shelters and rescue operations. If you can, it is good to try and adopt an animal instead of buying from a breeder so you can give a home to an animal that needs one. Sometimes the health of dog breeds will rely on the type of scenario the dog is in. Dogs very much react to people and their owners speficially in a way that many other animals do not.

In conclusion make sure you pay attention to the health of your pet and get it what it needs. Each year the United States spends $20.46 billion on pet food, $12.56 billionon pet supples, and over-the-counter-medicine, and $13.59 billion on vet care. The health of dog breeds will depend on the type of products you buy and what you give your pets. Make the right decision and protect the health of dog breeds by taking care of your dog.

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