The Best Way To Care For Your Pet


animal hospitalIt can be expensive taking your dog to veterinary services– or an animal hospital– every time there’s a medical issue. Not everyone even has a convenient pet clinic to visit. How can we practice preventative care on our dogs, keeping them out of harm’s way before things get too bad? Here are a few tried–and–tested techniques for you to use on your happy and healthy pets.

Spaying And Neutering
Some people may not like the thought of spaying or neutering their animal. However, in addition to the contraceptive advantage, spaying can treat a number of health problems for pets, such as uterine infections and breast cancer. These illnesses are usually fatal for dogs, making it extra-important to spay early on. Neutering is also known to prevent testicular cancer in dogs, if done before six months in age.

Give Your Pet Vaccines
Although human vaccination is currently a controversial topic, pet vaccination is a definite win–win. Puppy vaccinations should occur at two, three and four months of age, and then once a year. Getting the right tests and vaccinations prevents them from spreading or contracting certain diseases. After a vaccination, be sure to show your pet love and nurturing, to show it that everything’s all right.

Pets Are Good For You And Your Kids
Sixty-four percent of pet owners value the health benefits their pets give them, and it has been demonstrated that children growing up with a pet are substantially less likely to have allergies. People who walk their dogs are much less likely to be obese than those who pass off the responsibility to someone else. 60% of doctors would recommend pet ownership as a way of improving health. All in all, pets are healthy for you, so be healthy to your pets!

Visit An Animal Hospital Or Veterinarian
Although those visits to the animal hospital can be scary for your pet, they are useful in diagnosing and treating anything that may go unnoticed by the average pet owner. Although vet owners recommend yearly checkups for adult animals, 18.7% of dog owners did not seek vet services for their dog in 2011. It is very important to get a professional opinion from time to time, to prevent undiagnosed disease or health issues.

How do you make sure your dog stays healthy and happy? Let us know.

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