Does My Pet Need a Vet? Signs You Should Get Your Dog Checked


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Everybody knows that dogs are a man?s best friend, and many dog owners will do just about anything for their furry companion. However, taking care of a dog means keeping an eye on its health, which may suddenly decline for no reason. While dogs are unable to speak with us, they may exhibit certain symptoms which indicate they are feeling under the weather. If you notice these symptoms, it?s likely a sign that your dog will need prompt veterinary care.

Change of Appetite

While a single skipped meal is nothing to panic about, a dog that suddenly changes its eating habits may be trying to tell you that something is wrong. If your dog refuses to eat anything for more than two days, they should be examined by a vet. This may be a sign that they are developing certain diseases, or that their diets are not right.


If your once energetic dog is suddenly sleeping all day, there?s likely something wrong with them. Lethargic dogs are uninterested in walks, avoid playing, and can even forget to eat. While normal lethargy can be attributed to heavy activity or heat, sudden fatigue that lasts more than two days should be checked on by a vet.

Strange Stool

While looking at your dog?s stool may seem a little strange, they are a good indicator of their general health. Dogs that are healthy will have stools that are small, firm, and slightly moist. If a stool is dry or hard, it could be a sigh of dehydration of other dietary issues. Strange stool shapes may suggest that your dog has worms, especially if they are dragging or drooping their rear ends. If a dog has blood, mucus, or other strange substances in their stool, it?s best to see a vet as soon as possible.

If you believe your dog is having a medical emergency, it?s best to take them to your local pet wellness center for veterinary care. However, if your dog is only showing minor symptoms, it is likely that you will be able to care for them yourselves by using online veterinarian apps, and other forms of veterinary help online. These veterinarian apps allow pet owners to have access to pet health information, health records, and even symptom checkers that help an owner pinpoint exactly what is going on with their pets.

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