Three Things Pet Owners Want in a Veterinarian App


Veterinary care

These days, smartphones can be found in just about every hand. As technologies increase, consumers continue to search for ways to make their daily life a little easier. For a veterinarian, it can be hard to find a way incorporate the newest technologies in the age of digital. As a response, more clinics are turning to online veterinary care through pet wellness apps that can be downloaded directly onto a client’s phone. Here’s a few things that pet owners would like to see on their favorite clinic’s veterinarian app.

Scheduling Appointments

These days, clients have precious little time to make appointments for their pets. It can be difficult for a pet owner with a busy schedule to find the time to call or visit your clinic, so why not make the whole process simpler by adding a scheduler to your app? An scheduling portal will allow clients to easily request appointments at their own convenience. The requests will then be sent directly to you, where you can review each of them individually.

Client Profiles

A good pet owner is able to fully understand all of the health issues that can affect their pets. However, it can be difficult finding a pet’s records among a sea of other documents. Make it easier for your client by adding a personalized profile for their pets. This way, pet owners can have access their pet’s health records at all time, which can come in handy in the case of an emergency.

Prescription Requests

Chances are that every pet who has a prescription won’t need to come check in every time the need a refill. If a pet owner has a tight schedule, it may be difficult for them to consistently fill the prescriptions that their pets rely on. However, with a virtual veterinarian app, clients will be able to send in prescription orders without having to drive to your clinic. This will keep pet owners happier, and their pets healthier. More like this article.

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