What are the Concerns of Heartworm Antigen Test Kit


Veterinary laboratory procedures

Heartworm Antigen Test Kit is an immunochromatographic for the subjective detection of canine heartworm antigen also know as Dirofilaria immitis in plasma, blood or the canine serum. This parasitic worm, heartworm, repress the heart of its hosts, most commonly in dogs, and increases the chance of heart failure in them. This test can help early detection if a dog starts exhibiting manifestations of heartworm. Also, the test can detect heartworm infestation on your pet’s feces and a quick elimination of the heartworm can be done. Despite this condition having both preventable and treatment measures, it is a serious infection with its symptoms easy to ignore. Pet owners are advised to do a regular dog screen and plan ahead if at all the result will turn out to be positive.

The cost involved in Heartworm treatment can go up to $1,000 which means, a monthly preventive measure is cheaper than incurring a one-time cost.

Canine Heartworm Antigen Test Kit comprise of:
1. 10 Antigen Rapid Canine Heartworm Antigen Test Devices
2.10 disposable specimen droppers
3.1 Instructions
4. 1 Bottle Containing 3ml of assay diluent

This Kit has to be stored at room temperature or refrigerated between 2-30 degrees centigrade, and it should not be freeze or stored under direct sunlight.

During specimen collection and preparation, conduct the test using blood, serum or plasma. Use an anticoagulant such as heparin or EDTA. Ensure specimens are refrigerated if the test isn’t going to done immediately.

The procedure of the test involves, removing the test tool from the foil pouch and horizontally place it on a dry surface. Using the specimen dropper in the Heartworm Antigen Test Kit to draw out the specimen, add one drop of blood, serum or plasma into the sample hole. In the sample hole, add four drops of the assay diluent. What to note, when the purple color appearing towards the center of the test device.

The results should read negative when only one purple color bands appear and positive when two color bands appear. An invalid result is also possible using this Heartworm Antigen Test Kit, and it’s signaled by the lack of any control purple color.

The Heartworm Antigen Test Kit is very accurate and reliable in testing for Canine Dirofilaria Immitis antigen. However, there is a low possibility of false results to occur. And in case there is any doubt in the results, other medical available tests are available.

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