Why Day Care is Going to the Dogs


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If you have ever owned a dog, you know how incredibly intuitive they can be. The can smell fear and sadness, and some research shows that they may even laugh! They sometimes get a bad rap for being not so bright, but in all actuality, they are fairly sensitive creatures. As pack animals, dogs tend to prefer the company of other dogs or humans, to being alone. That is why more dog owners are looking into pet day care for their dogs. If you work all day and have to leave your four legged friend alone, here is some information on pet day care that may be right for your dog.

Pet day care for dogs, or doggie day care, provides dogs with the companionship and stimulation they desperately desire. These facilities offer trained behavioral specialist to work with and play with your dog while you are at work and cannot give them the attention they deserve. Many pet day care facilities for dogs offer monitoring services through the setup of cameras. This allows pet owners to sign in on their computers and check in on their dog throughout the day.

Many dog day care and dog boarding facilities separate dogs based on their size and activity level. It is a concern of many small dog owners that their pet does not end up in the same area as a bigger dog. Many of these facilities will be very sensitive to this issue and keep the smaller dogs separate with their peers for safety sake. Most dogs however, do a good job on their own of determining which dogs to avoid. Dogs have the capability, through scent, to determine another dog’s demeanor and even health.

If you are interested in pet day care for your dog, you can find more information on facilities near you by conducting an online search for your area. Read more: www.caninecorral.biz

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