Why Dogs’ Bad Behavior Might Be Your Fault


Dog training tips

A team of four especially cuddly pups are making headlines. Golden retrievers Luther, Ruthie, Hannah, and Rufus comforted runners, attendees, and victims’ families during the Boston Marathon. The team of pups, the Lutheran Church Charities K-9 Comfort Dog Ministry, travels all over the U.S., providing love and affection when people need it most.

Unfortunately, not all pooches are so well-behaved and their actions — far from comforting us — can cause frustration and headaches. With some slight adjustments, that can change. Train your dog the right way, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

Train Dogs To Enjoy Alone Time

A large portion of misbehavior can be attributed to restlessness or acting out when you’re not home. Residential dog training experts advise explicitly training your dog to be alone — just like you would train them to use the bathroom outside. “Many dogs that are kept in homes have a real problem with being left alone at some point in their lives,” animal behaviorist John Bradshaw tells NPR. When you get a new dog or puppy, leave the house for increasingly longer increments of time — slowly introducing and acclimating them to the idea.

The Right Way To Correct Your Dog

The best dog training techniques reveal that most owners are scolding their beloved pups incorrectly. Dogs do not discriminate when it comes to attention. They enjoy it all — good and bad. For that reason, scolding your dog when they do something wrong isn’t very effective. Instead, animal behaviorists suggest momentarily acting like your dog isn’t in the room to correct bad behaviors.

Don’t Give Up All Hope!

If your efforts aren’t getting results, don’t give up. Dog training tips and dog training videos aren’t always enough. If your dog needs a little extra guidance, consider enrolling him or her in dog training classes or puppy obedience training classes. Professionals have experience with all different kinds of dogs, and — chances are — they’ll be able to help you.

You can have a well-behaved dog! Re-evaluate your training techniques (make sure you’re training dogs to be alone!), and — if all else fails or your pressed for time — consider professional dog training classes. To see more, read this.

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