What to Do When Your Pet Has an Emergency


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It’s not fun to talk about — or even think about — but it’s a topic you need to address: emergency vet care. Accidents happen, even to our favorite, furry friends, and when they do, you need to be prepared and know what to do. Here are a few tips to help.

What Counts as an Emergency?

There are several reasons why your pet may need emergency vet care. Whether it be because of an accident or a fall, your pet may need emergency vet care because he or she choked, suffered from heatstroke, stung by a dangerous insect, or accidentally ate household poisoning. If he or she has pale gums, a weak or rapid pulse, difficulty standing, apparent paralysis, lost consciousness, or is excessively bleeding or rapidly breathing, he or she may need emergency vet care.

What Should You Do When There’s an Emergency?

First, you need to protect yourself from injury, as wounded animals can act aggressively, even towards their owners. Approach your pet as calmly as possible. If he or she is hostile, you should get help. If passive, find a way to carry your pet in a way that supports his or her spine and neck. Once you can do that, call ahead to an emergency vet care facility to let the staff know about your situation. Then, get there as fast as you possibly can.

Should You Do First Aid on Your Pet?

Some times, it’s possible to do first aid on your pet. If your pet’s bleeding from trauma, elevate the wound and apply pressure to help stop the bleeding. If your pet pet is choking, try to remove the blockage by digging it out of their throat with your fingers. You could also try the Heimlich maneuver, too. Taking these actions can help stabilize your pet, preparing him or her for transportation.

With these pet health solutions, you’ll know what to do should your pet ever get into an accident. If you have any specific queries, contact a veterinarian for small animals. If you have any general pet health questions about emergency vet care though, feel free to ask in the comments. Learn more: www.guilfordjamestownvet.com

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